Locksmith Shotwick provide quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Installing new locks, replacing existing locks (when keys are lost perhaps?) are another part of the extensive offering by Locksmith Shotwick in the CH5 area and a large area around. Also on the Locksmith Shotwick offering list are after burglary services. Boarding up, door and frame interim repairs ect.

With a long record of service to the residents of Flintshire , Locksmith Shotwick are highly appreciated by the community. Lockout, lock replacement or new lock installation? Call the leading edge technicians at Locksmith Shotwick 01244 434 127 for the top quality service you need. Domestic lockout- Wooden door or UPVC door, regular lock or high security lock, Locksmith Shotwick technicians are trained and equipped to tackle the problem in the Flintshire area and around.

Locksmith Shotwick
Phone: 01244 434 127
Unit 10, Deeside Industrial Park, Drome Road Deeside , Flintshire , CH5 2NY
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  • Services

  • Open locked doors
  • Lock replacement
  • 24/7 Emergency locksmith service
  • Car lockout - key in boot
  • Car lockout - key in ignition or on seat
  • Commercial & Residential locksmith services
  • Fresh lock installation

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